Swingers Guide

A Beginner’s Guide to the Swinger Lifestyle

The swinger lifestyle may still be considered taboo by some people, but it’s far more accepted today than ever. In fact, the statistics on swinging in Europe make for a fascinating read:

  • About 90,000 Danish men and women admit to regular swinging
  • Around 500,000 people in the UK indulge in swinging
  • 95 percent of swingers questioned in a 2015 survey were in a long-running relationship
  • 60 percent of female swingers consider themselves to be bisexual, while only 17 percent of men say the same

Clearly, there’s something about the swinger lifestyle that people love. One major attraction is the freedom to have sex with more than one partner, keeping your passion alive in a committed relationship when it may otherwise dwindle.

In a long-term relationship, swinging can allow you both to keep your sexuality alive and share new experiences together, usually in a safe, secure environment with like-minded people. However, before you embrace the swinger lifestyle, there are certain things you need to consider.

Identify What Attracts You to the Swinger Lifestyle

Why do you want to have sex with other people, and watch your partner do the same? You have to talk openly about your motivations: maybe it’s because you both love sex and want to discover new thrills together, or find the prospect of watching others have sex incredibly arousing.

Whatever your motivations, If one partner is fixated on the swinger lifestyle but the other isn’t, this may not bode well. While you should feel free to offer encouragement and discuss the benefits, you should both be sure this is what you want. Don’t pressure your partner if they keep saying no.

Know Which Type of Swinging Excites You

There are three different types of swinging.

Soft swinging basically involves foreplay with multiple sexual partners in one space, as well as full sex with your own partner. The degree of foreplay is usually confirmed beforehand (such as touching, kissing, oral etc.).

Closed swinging allows you to have sex with a new lover away from your long-term partner. This typically involves anything and everything you both want to do, and allows committed partners to enjoy some private fun separately.

Last (but not least), open swinging allows for any number of people to have sex, in threesomes, foursomes, and more. Couples will get to have sex with anyone they like in front of each other, and embrace experimentation in one contained space.

Establish Ground Rules for Your Swinger Lifestyle

Discuss boundaries with your partner. Couples need to feel comfortable to relax and enjoy the swinging experience without fear of hurt feelings. Will you allow kissing? Is penetrative sex a no-no? Be upfront about what you like and don’t like..

The Swinger Lifestyle Demands Precautions

Not everyone likes using condoms, nor does everyone like having to take the pill. Still, sexually-transmitted diseases and infections are far harder to like, so it’s best to be safe. If you’re not comfortable having sex with another swinger who refuses precautions, just say no – it’s not worth the risk.

Get to Know Others in the Swinger Lifestyle

Getting to know other couples involved in the swinging lifestyle means you’ll be more comfortable when you’re just starting out. Having a few friends around you as you explore new sexual territory will only make the experience more relaxed, intimate, and less-daunting.

Do Your Research Before Exploring Swingers’ Clubs

There are many swingers’ clubs and parties around – if you know where to look. When you feel ready and confident enough to attend one, look into your options. Try to find feedback from other swinger , and make sure it’s suited to your personality and sexual preferences.

Know When to Walk Away from the Swinger Lifestyle

If yourself or your partner start to fall out of love with the swinger lifestyle, be willing to stop. If one of you simply can’t leave it behind, you may have a difficult choice ahead. While swinging can awaken you to new experiences and give you a new lease on life, be sure you want to remain with it before you make any huge decisions.

As you can see, adopting a swinger lifestyle can be fairly complicated, but for the adventurous and the curious, it may well be an incredible experience. Be sure to keep lines of communication with your partner open at all times, and know why you’re both going into it before you start.

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