Recommended Resources

Many people ask what we use as guides in collecting contents about cuckolding here in this site. Here are some of the few:

If you’re looking for quality Media content, we suggest Cuckold Creampie Stream;

For Cuckold Stories: Lush Stories has a terrific cuckold section (side note: you’ll find a few of our stories there);

For videos: xHamster’s cuckold section is hard to beat. There’s a ton of mostly amateur stuff there;

Tumblr is also a rich playground of cuckold content. We recommend a Google search for “cuckold tumblr.”;

If you’re into interracial cuckolding, blacktowhite is a forum chock full of cuckold stories and captions;

Cuckoldmarriage is also a great site , they have a lot of articles on the subject including how to start a cuckold relationship, how to keep it going, also they have a live chat . You can chat with diminant bull type people , cuckold husbands, wives who are thinking about the lifestyle and those who are living it.