Comprehensive guide to taking care of your anal toys

Doubt than wash sex toys! How to get rid of factory smell on tail butt plug? Few people know that water and soap are not always enough for disinfection, and treatment with alcohol and boiling can spoil your favorite devices. As you can imagine, one of the most important rules in this list is cleanliness. Using dirty or poorly washed toys can be just as dangerous as unprotected sex with a random partner. To play with erotic devices brought only joy, they should be thoroughly cleaned before and after each use. However, not everyone knows how to do it correctly.

  • Why the usual cleaning methods are not always suitable for sex toys?
  • Water from the tap is not suitable for “delicate” materials

At first glance, the easiest way to clean your favorite and joyful vibrator or lustful dildo is to wash them with tap water. Alas, this may not affect the state of the toy in the best way: water in our country is disinfected using chlorine depending on the season and region, the concentration of chlorine can be different. In the spring, for example, it is an order of magnitude higher, and chlorine has a very adverse effect on some materials of sex toys for example, on silicone and cyber skin. If you want an expensive toy to serve your wallet and heart as long as possible, we recommend washing it with boiled water or water bought in a bottle. With soap, too, everything is not easy: only the one that has a neutral pH is suitable for toys. Alcohol and Miramistin kill bacteria, but destroy the surface of the toy.

Alcohol solutions, chlorhexidine and miramistin cannot be used to disinfect many devices, since they react with the material and eventually destroy its surface. Alcohol in high concentrations has a fixing tanning effect. In other words, under the influence of alcohol, bacteria are literally forever imprinted in the material of the toy.

You can boil not all devices

Boiling is an effective way, but it is suitable only for glass and metal toys, as well as for silicone devices without a motor but the boiling time should not exceed 30 seconds!. It is better not to carry out such manipulations with high-tech medical silicone devices: their “smart” stuffing does not survive such rough handling, however, as well as soft “skin”. Silicone is known for high quality, easy to use and easy to clean and loveplugs caters very informative product descriptions in their listings and accommodating customer support for specifics about the products.

As with penis plugs worn by slaves in role-playing and urethral plugs used in date nights, they need to be boiled down. Make no mistake!

Advantages of antibacterial agents for sex toys

Toy cleaner is the easiest way to maintain your own intimate hygiene and cleanliness of your erotic collection. Such hygienic means:

  • Effectively, but gently cleans the surface of sex toys. Bacteria, germs and fungi will not get to your genitals.
  • Removes unpleasant odors
  • Completely safe for health. Does not contain alcohol, glycerin and parables.
  • Does not harm the sex toy.
  • Universally: it can be used with toys from any materials (silicone, plastic, latex, PVC, glass, metal, artificial and genuine leather, etc.).
  • In some cases, you cannot rinse with water.

Convenient to carry in your purse or take a trip even if you plan to make love in a tent in a dense forest, a disinfecting spray will provide the necessary cleanliness of toys, hands and everything else. Yes, some of the tools in our collection can even disinfect your own body!

How to use Toy Cleaner?

There is no universal instruction for the use of all “that wines”. Some products should be rinsed with water; others should be sprayed and blotted with a dry paper napkin, while others should be applied and not touched – the product should evaporate from the surface by itself. The time for the “work” of care products for sex toys can also be different: some of them are enough to be on the surface of the toy for a few seconds, while others should be held longer. Before using Toy Cleaner, be sure to read the instructions for the specific tool.

The best cleaning products for sex toys from our collection:

Fun Factory Cleaner is an antibacterial agent of mild action, gently and thoroughly removes harmful microorganisms and fungi from the surface of toys, can also be used for hygiene of the genital organs, is produced in a convenient aluminum bottle with dispenser. This is the cleaner usually used on the famous yoni eggs from India.

As you can see, toy cleaner is a real salvation for anyone who regularly uses sex toys and takes care of their own intimate hygiene. This tool is especially useful for those who practice sharing devices with other people and love to take their favorite toy with them always and everywhere. With such a tool, you can no longer mess with the instructions of the device, figuring out which cleaning method is more suitable for one or another accessory, and will never be soared in the literal and figurative sense of the word above a boiling pot with a stopwatch in hand!

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