4 hot Role Play Ideas with Princess Butt Plug

Princess plugs are classy, elegant and add an extra edge to your anal play sessions. As the name says, they come in a bejeweled form and it’s hard not to fall for their royal looks. You will mostly find them in a metal body with a decorative crystal at the base. You may or may not pull out the crystal while using it.  It would be right to say princess plugs are the most beautiful of all butt plugs around.

Equal parts beautiful and equal parts classy, princess butt plugs are truly one-of-a-kind for your anal play sessions. The true connoisseurs of princess plug also love to indulge in steamy role-play sessions with their partner. Would you too like to get into some sizzling role-play fun with your princess butt plug? Hey, that’s hot and the post below offers a brief on some amazing roleplay ideas you may try with your partner.

Secretary requesting raise from boss

When it comes to boss-secretary role-play, it’s the secretary who usually plays the sub. So, you can be the secretary while your partner can be the boss. Create a situation where you are constantly requesting a raise from your boss but he is not willing to give you –unless you fulfill his specific conditions. And what are those conditions? Well, you would have to beg before him and allow him to play with your anal. He has got a really nice princess butt plug which he has been yearning to insert inside your gorgeous bum. So, you will kneel down on your back and let him push the plug inside you. As you start getting aroused will the fullness inside, he comes and penetrates you from the front.

Nurse getting punished by doctor

You be the nurse who has not obeyed the doctor’s orders. Your partner will be the doctor. As the nurse has disobeyed the doctor, he is furious and now determined to teach her a lesson. So, first, the doctor will slap your and strip you off your nurse uniform. Then, he will lay you down on your back and tie your hands and legs so that you can’t move. After that, he will insert the princess plug inside and begin nibbling and biting you vigorously.

Driver demanding joyride from passenger

The driver-passenger roleplay is one of the most practiced acts when it comes to erotic roleplays. The main essence of the roleplay is a stubborn driver refusing a drive to a pleading passenger. The passenger keeps on pleading until the driver agrees but only on one condition- the passenger would have to make him happy. And yes, this driver has a fetish for anal fun and he has got a princess butt plug handy.

Your partner can be the driver here while you can be the passenger desperately looking for a cab to go back in the middle of the night. As you have no other option left, you give in to the wishes of the driver. So, the driver stops the car and you get into the passenger seat at the back. Imagine your bed or sofa to be the car. The driver takes the plug and sits next to you. Then, he strips you off your clothes and ties your hands. Next, he opens your legs wide and inserts the plug into your backdoor. As you feel the push, he slips down his pants and enters you from the front.

Teacher rebuking student for poor grades

For a change, you can be the dominant here while your partner could be the sub. If you want to try femdom, this roleplay could be really exciting for you. The situation is a student has got poor grades in exams and he is asking his teacher to save him from getting detained. The teacher is furious at the student’s performance and hell-bent on punishing him.

Your partner a.k.a. the student will come to you and beg for better scores. Too pissed off to talk, you take him by the collar and slap him hard. He keeps on begging and agrees to do anything to get higher scores. Elated, you unbutton his shirt and slip down his pant. Then, you lay him down on the floor simply push in the plug into his anal region. Next, you simply sit on your face and make him lick you down under till you climax.

Let’s have a look at some of the best princess butt plugs that you will love to have for your next role play session with a butt plug.

Lovehoney Jeweled Butt Plug

You have a small but powerful butt plug here which is great for the beginners. It’s insertable length is 2.5” which makes it safe to use for those who have never inserted any toy into the anal land. Another great part about the toy is that it comes with a tapering end for smooth and comfortable insertion. The plug is made out of zinc alloy which is Nickel-free and perfectly body-safe. This toy is ideal if you want to wear the butt plug for a temporary period. In other words, this butt plug could be really discomforting if you are planning to wear it for an extended time.

If you love temperature play and planning to do the same with a butt plug, this Lovehoney toy would be just the thing. It can be warmed or cooled as per your preferences to sizzle up scenes in your bedroom. And yes, the plug is really affordable.

LuxGem Jeweled Metal butt plug

Now, this classy princess plug with a sapphire (faux) base is mostly meant for experienced users. If you are just a beginner, you would have to wait for some time to use it. But, then the LuxGem beauty should always be on your list so that when you cross your amateur level, you know the right toy for you.

This nickel-free metal plug comes with 4” insertable length. The toy strategically features a tapered end that allows easy slip-in. Its slim neck assures a comfortable fit and its rigid fullness will arouse you to the core.  Do you like to try out temperature play with adult toys? Well, then, this toy would be an excellent addition to your sex toy collection. It is temperature-compatible and can be heated up or cooled for a stimulating sensation at the back.

If you are not into princess butt plugs and perhaps you are looking for something extra large, then you may check out lovegasm.co/collections/butt-plug-extra-large.

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